About me

Andy Colebrooke

I started out studying Physics at Imperial College, London, followed by postgraduate research in Polymer Physics. For a spell I taught Reactor Physics at Queen Mary College, again in London, before going on to teach mathematics in secondary schools – something I did for over a decade, finishing as a senior teacher in a challenging comprehensive. I was ordained when I was forty-four and served two incumbencies in Chelmsford Diocese before joining the ranks of actively retired clergy.

Retirement has given me time to do a little writing, my first effort being Science and Religion, which explores the spirituality of the Victorian physicist James Clerk Maxwell, sometimes dubbed ‘The Scottish Einstein’. I am convinced that science and faith need not be enemies, but rather together they can provide a rich harmony of understanding. My second effort is Thoughts of God, which weaves together film, faith and life, to create a course which is somewhat different.

I live in Essex with my wife, Hazel and we delight in having three grown-up children and seven amazing grandchildren. Photography has become a pastime and I’ve included here some of my recent attempts, in case you are interested.

If you would like updates on my adventures in writing, or if you have any comments, please get in touch. I promise not to plague you with emails!